Q&A with Ashley Lee

By Candace Morrow

Who exactly are the campus members making alumni engagement happen at CSU and beyond? In this section of Columbus State, we talk to the ones working behind the scenes to make alumni experiences unforgettable for years to come. This edition Ashley Lee, development coordinator for the CSU Fund, shares how she keeps alumni connected to campus campaigns and discusses the newest campaign alumni can make a meaningful contribution to:

Q: What is CSU GIVES?

A: CSU GIVES is a 58-hour campaign to engage 1,958 donors to make a gift through the CSU Fund. This campaign is the first of its kind in honor of 2016 marking the 58th year CSU has existed as an institution. Instead of aiming to reach a certain dollar amount, we chose to aim for 1,958 unique gifts in honor of our founding year. We will start the clock at 7:58 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, in the middle of our Homecoming Week activities to raise gifts through online fundraising and our student phonathon. We will officially close the campaign with an announcement of the final donor and dollar count during our Homecoming’s Evening on the River on Friday, Nov. 11.

Q: What are the benefits of participating in CSU GIVES?

A: This is an exciting new way for alumni to show support and also share why CSU is special to them. Donors can make a gift to any area on campus and still be counted as part of the final tally. Every impact matters. The best part of running the campaign online is that every gift goes to work on campus immediately and creates opportunities for our students, ranging from presentations at national conferences to scholarships and research.

Q: As development coordinator for the CSU Fund, what are your primary roles?

A: I work with alumni, faculty and friends of the university through the CSU phonathon, crowdfunding campaigns and other special projects throughout the year. My role in CSU GIVES is to help get the campus, our alumni and friends in the community excited about the chance to make a difference. Through this campaign, alumni can support student development and other campus projects that are meaningful to them and also share why CSU is special to them when they post and share the campaign through their Facebook and Twitter pages

Q: What is the best thing about your job as it relates to connecting with alumni?

A: I have the privilege of sharing stories that inspire people, and in return, hearing new stories that inspire me. Whenever we in the Development Office contact alumni, we like to share notable student and alumni achievements because we want to showcase how giving to CSU creates opportunities that change lives.

More About Ashley Lee

Before this position, I was…the graduate assistant for the Development Office and managed CSU’s student phonathon.

Family: Both of my parents were first-generation college students and CSU graduates. My uncle is an alumnus as well. We are big fans of Cougar athletics, especially basketball.

Best movie I ever saw: “Fried Green Tomatoes”

Last book I read: “Fates and Furies” by Lauren Groff

Favorite recording artist: Of Monsters and Men

Most interesting college course taken: A Green and Pleasant Land: Policy and Sustainability in Modern-Day Oxford. I was fortunate enough to complete the study-abroad course while staying in the Spencer House, CSU’s home in Oxford, England, during a 2015 summer session.

Visit to learn more about the CSU Fund. Also, email for more information about this campaign and others.