Q&A with Jennifer Joyner

By Candace Morrow

Who exactly are the campus members making alumni engagement happen at CSU and beyond? With this year’s newly designed alumni magazine, Columbus State, we would like to introduce the ones working behind the scenes to make alumni experiences unforgettable for years to come. In this new Q&A section, meet Jennifer Joyner, director of alumni and donor engagement and executive director of the CSU Alumni Association:

Q: One of the most frequent questions alumni have is how to track down their transcript. Can you help with that?

A: That’s the one call I get most days on campus because it’s only natural to call the Office of Alumni Engagement when it concerns alumni-related information. It’s no problem to get them to the right person. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to connect with alumni while I have them on the phone.  But in case you were wondering, the Office of the Registrar provides transcripts.

Q: As director of alumni and donor engagement and executive director of the CSU Alumni Association, what is your main priority?

A: My main focus is developing connections between our alumni and our university. I spend a lot of my time coordinating engagement opportunities for alumni to reunite and share memories during on- and off-campus events.

Q: What is the cost and benefit to being a member of the CSU Alumni Association?

A:  Guess what? There are no dues to become part of the CSU Alumni Association. It’s free. And there are a lot of benefits. In addition to participation in engagement opportunities, alumni also have access to campus resources, such as the recreational center and Center for Career Development. We can also provide help with internships, job searches or professional development through the CSU career center.

Q: Do you have an alumni event or activity you have helped strengthen while in your role?

A: Oh, definitely! Homecoming. It’s now held during the fall and has been for the past two years. Homecoming also includes alumni-specific events, which are family-friendly and fun. With the Doughboy football game, the parade and the Evening on the Top concert, it’s turned into a really fun event.

Q: What the best thing about your job?

A: The best part about my job is meeting alumni at events and in my office. I will even meet you at Einstein’s for coffee and a chat to learn more about you and figure out how we can get you back involved on campus — whether that means helping you reconnect with classmates, programs, departments and professors. This also helps us document memories. Because the university has a limited amount of years worth of annuals documenting our students’ experiences from the past, I’m encouraging alumni to send me photos, stories and past news clippings to help our office document their campus memories. Who knows? You may see them in the next alumni magazine.


Before this position, I did: Manager, Children’s Miracle Network at Columbus Regional; Executive Director, Office of Alumni Services & University Special Events at Mercer University; and Manager, community relations at The Macon Telegraph.

Family: Husband, Richard Joyner, of 18 years and one daughter, Audrey, 9.

Best movie I ever saw: My favorite is “Chicago.”

Last book I read: I am reading the “Outlander” series. I love period fiction books. As part of the CSU Alumni Association, we are traveling to Scotland and Ireland this semester, and these books are set in Scotland.

Favorite recording artist: I have several but listen the most to Adele and Mumford and Sons.

Most interesting college course taken: In my master’s courses at CSU, I had three favorites: Foundations of Servant Leadership, Ethics and Economics.  I learned so much from each of these very different courses and professors.

Visit to learn more about alumni engagement and the CSU Alumni association. Also, call 706-507-8956 or email for more information about upcoming events.